Company overview


Since 2006, Texemus is a recognised name for several companies in the petrochemical industry. Initiated as an idea to facilitate the commissioning and the management of an E & I department on a production platform, it quickly became the foundation of an overall philosophy. This philosophy concerns the operations and maintenance of drilling or production platforms, and it is this philosophy that was converted to a commissioning tool. Within two years a functioning software tool was implemented in corporate processes by GDF SUEZ.
As of January 2010 Texemus is an independant company, founded with the goal of furthering this philosophy to develop an 'all inclusive' application for all maintenance issues within a company. In order to avoid confusion Texemus renamed its first software tool to ixPlanta.

Who are we?

Texemus is a young and dynamic organisation that develops software with the aim to translate your wishes to optimal IT Solutions, so you can focus on what you do best. With professional advise and personal contact we're capable of translating your wishes and ideas into usable concepts and ready-to-use products. Our ambitious team is always searching for new developments and solutions, so we can deliver the best possible applications.
Aside from further development of ixPlanta, Texemus is also busy with other web-based applications for education, healthcare, government and the general public.