What is ixCapture?

In today’s fast paced world, HR professionals and recruiters, handling the recruitment function of the organization, are constantly facing new challenges. The biggest challenge is to source or recruit the best people or potential candidate for the organization before their competition does. Finding personnel is a long and cost intensive process of screening resumes. HR professionals know this. Therefore the immediacy and speed of the recruitment process are the main concerns of the HR in recruitment.

ixCapture delivers technologically advanced and robust solutions that maximize recruiting efficiency and place HR practitioners in the best position to make the strongest hiring and employee management decisions – consistently and efficiently.

Between 50 - 60% of all resumes are rejected but still cost valuable time to process.

The process must be flexible, adaptive and responsive to the immediate requirements and should be cost effective.

ixCapture enables companies to be up and running within a short period of time. ixCapture offers superior efficiency coupled with cutting edge technology to enable HR professionals to benefit from:

Why ixCapture?

  • Independent, impartial and qualified assessors
  • Online monitoring through web based technology
  • More than 20 years of recruiting experience

A streamline recruiting process?

Intelligent and automatic match of relevant candidates with open positions? Efficient management and tracking of the entire recruitment process? Reduce cost-per-hire and time-to-hire.

ixCapture is also an assessment Repository. Candidates get an individual test prepared either by you or by our experts. All tests are based on a job profile designed and written by highly qualified professionals around the world. Together with the customer we will define the quality of the job vacancy in order to find a perfect match. All assessments can be improved at any time by adding extra value by benchmarking of skills and competencies

ixCapture can use profiles created by your HR or can provide you with new profiles defined by one of our experts. Our monitoring tool supports your search for candidates using the finest tools, overview and reporting tools.

Software architecture

The application is delivered as a web-hosted service and as such, provides organizations with numerous benefits:

  • Cost Efficient: avoids the overhead connected with installing and maintaining new software or hardware, including the time and effort of experienced IT personnel.
  • Time Efficient: deployment time is shorter due to the elimination of typical implementation tasks associated with licensed software. Enables you to use the system and be up and running almost immediately.
  • Automatic Updates: any new updates, functionality and versions are automatically updated to all customers, eliminating the need to monitor and install them.
  • Anywhere Connectivity: authorized users can conveniently access the platform from any location at any time. All you need is an Internet connection.